About Life Source Reiki

Shaylayla Comeaux is a Reiki master who created Life Source Reiki. She believes that life is supposed to feel good and provides her clients with the platform to experience all that is good in life.

Shay’s connection with the Divine enables her to offer profound healing through the art of Reiki. Through her healing hands, Shay brings a deep sense of peace to her clients. By conducting this energy work, Shay opens the door for the client’s spiritual growth.

Meet Shay,

Reiki Master

“Hello! My name is Shaylayla Dreamchild, a name that was downloaded to me upon my Wiccan initiation. I was placed on this planet to heal. I know this is my soul’s purpose! During the past four years, I have had many spiritual awakenings that have opened up my gifts of healing. I am connected to the Divine in a way that allows me to transfer that Divine healing to my clients. I am overjoyed to be able to assist my clients in health, healing, and their spiritual path/awakening. This gives me great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. I am a Light Worker, Empath, and Intuitive. I received these gifts through my Maternal Line.”

Meet Rita,

 Reiki Master & healer

“My mother, Rita, is also a Light Worker, Empath, and Intuitive. For as long as I can remember, she has been into metaphysics, crystals, and alternative health/healing/lifestyles. I look up to her and she is my inspiration. Mom is also a Reiki Master and healer. She and I have done many Tandem Reiki sessions together having amazing results for our clients. Although Mom is semi-retired, we do occasionally offer tandem Reiki and she offers the occasional Reiki session on her own.”

Meet Mary,

“Also, through my Maternal Line, my daughter, Mary has healing capabilities and wants to help others. She tells me I am her inspiration and has completed her Reiki 1 class. She is on her journey to discover her gifts and give back to the world.”